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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 9AM  ABC  August 30, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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9:00. look who is back. tell everybody what you did this weekend. >> i dropped my daughter off at college on saturday. >> how do you feel? >> quite emotional. lauren, if you're watching why don't you call home? we want to hear your voice. a lot of texting and e-mails. >> what she had for dinner last night. she printed out her syllabus. she's on it. she'll be fine. >> grab a cup of coffee. we're going to tell you how to aid void id theft. it's scary. >> our guest here, it was ralph, a victim of identity theft. it's amazing what families have to go through just to get everything back on track. and how easy it is for someone to steal your identity. we're talking about ways to avoid it. >> and how to find out about it.
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emmys, a lot of baltimoreans won last night. this is the steinfeld trophy. at first i thought it was seinfeld. but it's the lacrosse championship, chesapeake bay hawks. >> congratulations to them. we'll hear from them about their big win. that is just ahead on this monday morning. first, today's hot topic. involves smoking. as it becomes banned in more and more places smokers are looking for different ways to get their fix. there's one product that is growing in popularity but it's raising concerns with the fda. we're talking about e-cigarettes. which are untested and unregulated by the federal government. they are now being marketed to teens. take a look. like most places of business these days maria's employer has a strict no-smoking policy. why does she have a cigarette in her hand? >> i can smoke it anywhere and no one can say anything to me. >> reporter: that's because it's electric.
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it's tobacco-less and runs on a battery. when she inhales liquid nicotine and other forms of chemical from this cartridge are turned into a thick odorless vapor for a pack a day smoker like maria who wanted to extinguish her 15-year habit switching to the ee-cigarette was life changing. >> my skin is better, i feel better. can i go up stairs and not be out of breath. >> reporter: her enthusiasm is shared by thousands who log on to internet forums to brag about how much better they feel and suppliers say that sales are soaring. but not everyone's crazy about this new craze. the campaign for tobacco-free kids has a huge issue. these e-cigs are easily available to children. >> we are concerned they are being sold in shopping malls with flavors that directly appeal to kids. >> reporter: they are called e-liquid range from apple and blueberry to cotton candy and chocolate. it's not just kiosks selling them. you can find a dozen brands
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ordered on-line but anti-smoking advocate dr. michael siegel says there's no evidence that children are using them. one reason, they are really expensive. >> they cost diswien 90 and $120 to buy the starter pack. most kids walking around don't have that money to spring out to buy these things. >> reporter: he sestudies show -- says studies show kids are still smoking traditional cigarettes but the food and drug administration says they are getting their hands on high-tech versions and are concerned because they are not regulated by the agency. that means they don't have to be submitted for any sort of safety evaluation. >> we don't know what is in these products. what we're urging is simply anyone who wants to sell a product to help people quit smoking undergo rigorous testing for safety. >> reporter: dr. siegel and others insist e-cigs are much safer alternative to smoking but agrees - >> i think there's an urgent need for more research. this is a really promising product. >> reporter: as for maria, they help her become a
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non-smoker. >> i was determined and i knew that i wanted to be a non-smoker. i just pulled through and did it. >> reporter: limited government testing recently found carcinogens as well as toxic chemicals in small amounts in two brands. the fda wants e-cigs to be classified as drug devices, which would require stringent oversight. the fda is fighting to have them regulated as tobacco products. we've got our hands full this week. we have a lot of stuff to talk about. though we're in the middle of yet another heat wave which is just par for the course this summer, even though the kids are back in school that will be tough enough to deal with. we have to watch what is happening down towards our south. first, this heat wave we're in now pusheses the threshold and beyond of 50 days with 90-degree temperatures and we'll be pushing the record of
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how many days we've hit that mark in any summer. needless to say we have to watch what is happening on down towards the south. hurricane earl, a category 2 storm but it's not going to stop there. in fact, this will be a major hurricane if not by tonight, tomorrow morning and there's a coastal threat for the eastern seaboard and perhaps even in maryland. check this out, we're going off the mid-atlantic and down towards the south. here's hurricane earl. now beginning to see some of the rain bands on the outer periphery of some of the radar sites because a lot of the stuff is still out over the ocean and we can't see the rainfall. it's a healthy storm, fairly symmetrical and going to be dealing with limited hindrance in terms of upper level winds, a lot of warm water. it will pass just to the north of the virgin islands but there's a hurricane warning out for them and watch for puerto rico. we're watching this because the latest check, winds up to 110 miles per hour continuing to strengthen with each advisory.
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literally we're just a mile per hour into the category three range, that is probably going to happen at some point today. then we actually watch this major hurricane work its way just east of the bahama islands. we'll watch it go cat 4, winds 135 miles per hour. that means waves in the open ocean are 50 feet or higher. that means waves towards the shoreline could push over 20 feet. storm surge, rip currents we had to deal with in ocean city this weekend from the last storm. that was the thousand miles off the coast. i want to take you closer and show you that the latest forecast track from the national hurricane center does actually pin this thing, dropping back to a category 3 and there's a wide range of error, some computer models are pushing this closer to the outer banks and also closer to ocean city. maybe not a direct threat for maryland, at least in terms of landfall of the eye but there will be really strong currents wroopped along the shoreline, that means big problems into the labor day weekend.
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otherwise high pressure in control. not much else locally. winds are light. we're looking at rip currents and 8 for ocean city. 78. 78 for us, a hot day with hot temperatures pushing our 2-degree guarantee of 96 but not quite record territory. we'll talk about the rest of the week, the heat wave and how hurricane earl may ill pact us in the next half-hour. if you have had your identity stolen you know how much trouble it can cause. >> coming up, we talk to one person whose id was stolen and the experience of trying to regain everything back. and what you should do with this nightmare. >> and as college students prepare to hit the books morgan state university's new president is getting ready for something big. >> and they are the champions. the bayhawks complete their incredible run at the championship with an appearance on "good morning maryland" at 9 kong.
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is that happy monday morning. gorgeous flowers from wilhide's. jamie wanted to point out, you can't see it because of the banner there are butterflies. they can do something original. give them a call there in ellicott city.
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it was back-to-school for almost all the kids in the baltimore area today. kids headed to new schools, meeting new teachers, getting ready to hit the books again. many dignitaries are also touring schools today like state superintendent nancy grasmik who is touring several baltimore county schools at this hour. and college campuses are filling up with new and returning students. for some there are changes coming. in a college 101 education special abc2 news sherrie johnson takes look at what one local college in particular is offering academically while going globally. >> reporter: morgan state university is a quiet campus in northeast baltimore. with a growing student body this university prides itself on providing a stellar education. dr. david wilson is the new college president at morgan state. he has big plans for the university on a global level. the mission is growing the future leading the world. >> i hope that the community will come to see me as a leader
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who is about transformation and taking this institution to the next level of excellence and once we get there the entire region will be transformed by it. >> reporter: morgan state is one of the few historically black colleges that offers a doctorate in business, engineering, architecture, computer, mathematics and national sciences. >> reporter: dr. mary ann acres is the dean of the architecture and planning. her students are thinking globally, to design buildings in haiti after the earthquake. >> we believe we need to educate the students so they feel socially responsible and environmentally aware of their footprint on the earth. so it is our mission, that whatever we do it is for the community. >> reporter: dr. eugene deloche is the founding dean of the school of engineering. morgan state is number one in
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the country for producing african-american electrical and civil engineers. >> if we don't get the groups that are missing amongst us we're going to have a serious problem in terms of remaining competitive. >> reporter: dr. joseph whitaker is the dean of the school of computer, mathematical and natural sciences, known on a national level for leading a delegation on science and engineering in africa. >> we're on a mission to become a much more global institution, to make sure our students can have a much broader experience throughout their education through morgan. these are opportunities where by we can start building relationships. >> reporter: students at morgan state say the faculty provides a cohesive campus environment which makes them strive to do their best. >> i like the way the teachers, as long as you come to them and express that you want to be successful, they are more than happy to help you. >> there's a genuineness to the way they care for their students.
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they do push their students to not only think outside of the box but also to pursue excellence and that is something that, for me was very important. >> reporter: as well as the knowledge that students can find a job upon graduation. >> i am a business major. our business program has 100% job placement. i thought that was important because if, you know, if i had to choose any school it would be definitely one that would get me somewhere after college. it's important to get a job. >> reporter: the hard work an dedication from the students at morgan state that will make excellent global leaders of tomorrow. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. 9:14. talk to anyone who has been a victim of identity theft and they will tell you that getting your life back is really hard. when you lose your identity your credit history, your money, can take years to get it right. identity theft victim ralph dominick and michael stanfield, general manager at intersections, joins us. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> we want to get to
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intersections in a moment. what you do, what kind of services you offer but first let's start with your story. it's incredible. how did you know you were a victim and really, what happened? >> my wife and i received about six or seven notifications from various vendors, credit card applications, stores, banks, etc., and for credit cards that had been either approved or denied, and the interesting part was that they were not us. so we started to make phone calls. that onion began to peel back and we found out more and more things that had been taken from us. there were charges to the line of credit for our house, $25,000 had just been transferred outs of that. there were savings accounts that had been accessed, security codes had been broken, had been changed, addresses had been changed. and $25,000 was taken from
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there, too. >> it has to be an awful feeling. >> absolute le. >> it's really hard to get that money back. >> it is very hard to get that money back. you have to prove all over again you are you. and you're not whoever got the money. >> wow. there there's one case in houston, texas, at&t land line, the person had an established land line, had not paid the bill. i was in collections from chicago. and ended up talking to at&t saying i live in silver spring for 30 years and it was -- it was just a -- they gave us an application to fill out for an affidavit, we had to get a postmaster general to sign it, notarize it, get a copy of our police report. about eight pages of information just for a $67 bill where the person probably didn't spend more than 10 minutes proving who he was.
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>> it's harder for you to prove you are who you are. how does this happen, michael? >> it's big business. too many criminals chasing too much easy money. and law enforcement has other things to deal with. the financial institutions work at it, they try, but we have just too much information, too accessible and the criminals can get that information and off to the races they go. >> that's where you come in? >> that's where we try to come in. our company has about seven million customers that we helped. and we really believe identity theft prevention is based on four things. one, education. two, prevention. three, detection. four, resolution. ralph, unfortunately, started at the bottom. so -- i think people need to understand that this is serious, there are a lot of people that face the same
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problems that ralph has faced. there's good web sites you can go to. the ftc, all they did was take information from ralph. they do have a good web site that provides information. i-tac has a good informational web site. identity guard which is one of our products at has a good information packet so people can learn what the issues are. then they need to really consider buying a service to help them monitor their life. whether it be our service or someone else's, it's a two-sided coin though. you have to buy something that will give you the information you need and then you have to proactively help monitor yourself. if you're going to buy something and say i bought a service, i'm protected, don't spend the money. don't waste the money. it takes two to tango. it takes two people to prevent identity theft. it takes somebody helping you and takes you helping yourself. >> you have to be your own -
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>> you have to be diligent in the way you live your life and in the way you protect yourself. there did you get your money back? >> i did. we did. >> how long did it take? >> yes, your wife is here. >> it took us about three months to sort everything out but it took probably two to three weeks to get individual pieces of money back. >> we have to wrap up but the four things he mentioned. you said you started from the bottom. do you wish you had done one through three first? >> i whish i knew -- i had a notebook this thick from the people i contacted. i said there has to be somebody that can help. because none of the -- the things on the list were helping. but eventually i found i-tac and they are monitoring and working very well together to do that, via e-mail and constant updates. it's a whole sense of security. >> sorry it happened to you in the first place. thank you both for coming in.
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again, for more information it's going to be on you can be blamed, if i figured the season was over, five straight losses, coaching change but you can celebrate now. we talk to the owner, gm and one of the star players of your chesapeake bay hawks after their impressive and determined major league lacrosse title. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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four years they were shut out of the playoffs and this year they lost five straight but won when it counted. the chesapeake bay hawks are your major league lacrosse champions. congratulations. >> thank you. >> you own the team and you're also the coach of the here's spencer ford the gm and kyle, a local kid, the mvp. you grew up here, went to essex, won there and went to salisbury, everybody wins there, right? >> yes. >> now look what you do. >> phenomenal weekend. this year i played indoor in seattle and won the world title a couple of months back. this is awesome this year. >> let me ask you, as a general manager, isn't it neat when you're not
9:24 am
expected to win and you win? isn't that the best in sports? >> it was an unbelievable feeling. i don't know if we would change a thing, even the five-game losing streak, made it all the more better. >> you made that move. >> it was dangerous but worked out. it worked out. i said this before, i think on the show, a lot of the kids played for me before. i think the big difference was the guys committed to each other. >> let me ask you, when did you notice the turnaround? >> we went on the four-game winning streak doing the whole thing. i think that was the turn around. it was not just me. it was my commitment to the guys, their commitment to each other, playing to each other and handling adversity. we were supposed to be out and done and they held up the cup on sunday afternoon with the underdogs. >> kyle, on the field, for the players, when did you feel we have a chance? >> beginning of the week. we had a chance all week. we had a phenomenal roster.
9:25 am
i think everybody on the team knew we were going to come this weekend and show what we had to do. i think fourth quarter, we were up by four goals, that set in then. >> what did the trophy feel like for you? >> it was great. it's been 20, 30 some years i could ever win anything and this is the first one as a champion. it was pretty cool. >> this is a dream season for you? >> absolutely. it was a big deal for maryland. the coach was important in our win and it was great to see him get the championship, too. it's a great group of guys to be around. we had a clinic yesterday. all the players are still there. and high fiving and enjoying the moment. that's what it is all about. >> this is the stein feld trophy, not seinfeld. named after the president of the league? >> yes, it was his vision 10 years ago to launch this. >> where was this trophy?
9:26 am
if you can? >> where it was? >> it's seen a few restaurants and bars and sponsors. >> it got fingerprints on it. >> a lot of fingerprints. we had a parade sunday night after that in downtown annapolis. we visited some fine establishments down there and behaved ourselves. >> congratulations, all. chesapeake bay hawks. the baltimore bayhawks are also on this. >> yes. >> you got the pressure now. >> i do. >> we're ready. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> the champions. >> that's a big trophy. congratulations. the subprime mortgage industry has been the source for more than just headaches, no doubt about it. coming up, some forensic loan auditors make big promises to help sort through the mess. why it may just be a scam which will just create even more of a mess. and if you're trying to refinance, well, you probably already know it can be a challenge.
9:27 am
so we have advice on how to deal with it and how crazy lender requests are going. we have that coming up on "mortgage monday" with carl delmont when we come back.
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let's get to our weekly "mortgage monday" series. we start with the subprime loan. that left many marylanders with bad more badges filled doctor mortgages. it can be a battle to sort the mess. as abc2 news joce sterman explains in this week's "scam alert" don't believe big promises being made by some forensic loan auditors. >> reporter: we've told but foreclosure rescue scams from companies that claim they can save your house from foreclosure. but crackdowns on that industry have forced scammers to try a new stint. they are trying forensic loan you -- auditing where companies go through your mortgage documents with a fine tooth comb. >> they are auditing to determine if there are violations of federal or state regulations or laws around
9:31 am
mortgage completion. >> reporter: and many of these companies claim if they find mistakes or problems you can get your mortgage cancelled or modified or even avoid foreclosure. but the better business bureau and the federal trade commission say you shouldn't hold your breath. >> they are saying they cannot find any evidence that this service will lead to that outcome. >> reporter: instead you'll be asked to pay an upfront fee of hundreds, even thousands for an audit and may not get anything in return. be wary of these auditing firms especially if they guarantee they can stop the foreclosure process or encourage you to stop talking to your lender altogether. if you're having trouble reaching out to them as well as free counselors available through maryland hope. they can legitimately help you sort through the paperwork and steer you clear of con artists claiming a little forensic detective work on your documents could save the day. joce sterman, abc2 news. >> carl delmont from freedmont mortgage comes on mondays. what do you think? >> it's great. a lot of companies are trying to capitalize on the fear and
9:32 am
problems but saying they will help you cancel your mortgage, the only way it's remotely possible if your loan exceeded the epr. you can go on-line or get software to determine that. just again, it's preying on fears. >> it's a shame. a lot to talk about. one was the fha loan. it's becoming more difficult. >> it gains nor market share just because fanny and freddie convention loans are tougher to get. so many people owe more than the home is worth. fha just got congressional approval to go ahead and raise the premiums. now effective next tuesday they are going to turn around and say if you're going to refinance your first and second morgue began can't -- morgue doctor mortgage can't exceed 75%. the second mortgage company -- they were getting a lower rate.
9:33 am
now the clients are locked out with this new program because you can't -- most people are way over that mark in the first mortgage. my advice to viewers, if you are thinking of refinancing call your bank or lender today or this week at least and get your fha case number. if it's established this week you're ok for at least a month and you have time to think what you want to do. if you get it in september you will probably -- september 7th on you will be under the new rules and that will prohibit you from doing a lot of things. >> you need to be aware of the crazy requests coming in from lenders. >> it's amazing. people call and say you heard about this, you hard about this? underwriters of banks, they are asking for crazy stuff. >> like what? >> one said i'm on disability, we have great income, our debt ratio but this lender won't approve my loan unless the doctor tells them exactly why i'm on disability.
9:34 am
isn't that an invasion of my privacy? my doctor refuses to tell them. the lender says we want to know why you're on disability. take yourself off the loan and do it that way. or find yourself another lender. "the new york times" picked up a piece where a couple's attorney and her husband both had 800 credit scores, a house with no mortgage on it, moving six miles away, no debt, putting 30% down and the big bank wanted to -- the only way they would do the loan, is if the people wrote an essay explaining why they deserve the house. in today's world those are dream clients. the lady wrote a great essay and she was very sarcastic, i want to be closer to the mall because you can see i have no debt, i love to shop. it was sarcastic. i love the way she worded it. sometimes lenders are putting people through the hoops asking for crazy stuff. bottom line, you have a lot of choices if your lender is giving you a hard time find someone else. >> right now it's time to be
9:35 am
customer-friendly. >> it's confusing enough for the public, the hoops and hurdles, make no sense. coming up next on "good morning maryland" at 9:00 -- a big night out in los angeles as the stars if for the primetime emmys. coming up we're going to hear more from the winners as abc stole part of the spotlight from fox. the spotlight on candidates as we get closer and closer to the state primaries. today we'll hear from more candidates running for the seventh congressional district. >> 9:35. temperatures upper 70s to low 80s already. a tough day for kids to get back to school because in the classroom it's not comfortable. we're aiming for mid-90s this afternoon. most of this week we're aiming for the 90s and earl aiming for us. more when we come back. ç
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time for today's birthdays. sharon is celebrating her 60th birthday. we don't believe it. you look amazing. she's from chester, maryland. she watches us in the morning. we appreciate it. have a wonderful 60th birthday. >> if you're having a birthday we want to know all about it. just send your information to
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try to give us the birthday wishes about a week in advance. let's look at the events of the day. >> this happens every year for the past nine years. the annual pigtown vest fal, from the 700 to 900 block of washington boulevard. 7:00 to 7:00 in the evening. it's free. they have music, they have food and of course the show shopper is -- stopper is when the pigs are running through the streets. >> 3d tweet up. if you want your chance to test-drive brand new 3d tvs and brand new projectors, it's friday, september 10th. call gramo phone at this number and find out more about it. that is pretty good. >> i like that. something happening in your community? to mention it on the air, tell us, e-mail us your information
9:40 am
as to what you have going on and we will definitely mention it on the show. e-mail us personally or go to and the emmy goes to "modern family." >> reporter: it's about an extended and very modern family and won the emmy.
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democracy 20 -- 2010 coverage. we continue to introduce you to the candidates running for office. kelly swoope sits down with one of the republicans running for the state's seventh congressional district. >> joining me is michael dave. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> what is the single most important issue right now? >> the loss of manufacturing and the jobs that manufacturing created. it's important to note that 50% of our entire work force are people who have graduated high school but not furthered education beyond that. these are the people that would be typically looking for positions in manufacturing facilities. these are lower-paying popositions that don't offer much -- sorry, employment opportunities reduced to retail sales and fast food.
9:44 am
those positions don't offer much in the way of growth opportunities or high compensation. retail -- this is where the jobs are most needed, by creating jobs for this group of people at this level will create jobs for all levels. manufacturing positions provide excellent opportunity for growth and income. they are permanent jobs and most importantly they are not paid for by a stimulus but paid for by the consumer at a cash register. >> what would you do in office to effect the greatest change in improving the quality of life of your constituents? >> the key to improving everyone's life is to create a small business environment where small business can flourish and jobs again will be abundant. as a prerequisite to creating more jobs we need to address those factors that contribute to the cost of labor. this includes several different types of insurance such as health care, workers' compensation and unemployment insurance. these programs are all managed by the individual state. the states don't seem to
9:45 am
understand insurances and fail to make efforts or apply the wrong effort. the cost of social insurances is substantial and debilitating to blue collar employers and needs to be corrected. in addition, we need to introduce into our education system programs that will better prepare young people for the work force. we need programs that will assist students in the development of pride, self-confidence, organization and team work. and these programs need to be introduced at a grade school level. >> what would you say are the major assets you bring to the office? >> i am a successful business owner in baltimore. i'm a blue collar employer. i think it's critical to get people, candidates with experience into congress. small business owners all have hands-on experience and we all learn to be highly efficient and work within our means. or we close our businesses. i have a total of 26 years as a business owner and employer. i have 13 years as a blue collar employer in baltimore.
9:46 am
i have 13 years' experience in the insurance industry. i have four years' experience as a truck driver and mechanic and three years' experience in the air force as a crew chief. i was honorably discharged. as a baltimore business owner i understand the difficulties and challenges that do face people in our area. tax incentives and loans do not address the obstacles that prohibit small businesses from being successful. through my experience in the insurance industry i did work with over 150 small business owners trying to make their budgets work. i know what is needed to create a healthy environment where small business can flourish. >> what is the single most important message you would like to convey to voters listening? >> my major concern has been and still is the cost of health care which continues to be a major obstacle in balancing any budget being it the state, any business or
9:47 am
home. there's two fundamentals needed to reduce the cost of health care. the first is a tort reform. that will eliminate malpractice premiums for all providers of outpatient services. tort reform is much simpler than everybody thinks. consider that workers' compensation is actually a tort process. in the event of a worker-related injury you receive compensation for your loss of income, you receive unlimited medical care for your injury and if you're permanently injured you'll receive some type of indemnification. in exchange for the benefits you as employee waive your right to sue your employer. therefore, since we have a model of tort reform that actually works that we have between the employer and employee, why don't we simply apply this to the medical industry between the doctor and patient? second, we need to return to the original definition of covered medical as -- services
9:48 am
which would eliminate the use of insurance on routine office visits. this should be coupled with the use of health savings accounts. >> i'm going to have to wrap you up. we're out of time. >> already? >> thank you very much for joining us. good luck to you. >> thank you. you can continue to hear from the candidates on abc2 coming up tonight on abc2 news at 5:00. republican brendan madigan talks about his run for maryland comptroller. and then we hear from steven bodway, running for harford county sheriff. some people say i'm obsessed with my chickens. but i like to think i'm just going beyond the call of duty.
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about an hour away from getting the next update from the national happy center. we'll be watching this and probably update this every couple of hours. hurricane center. the official updates are every six hours. we're on the verge of a major hurricane. this is the second one of the intensity above 110 miles per hour. this one already starting to show some major ring bands and we've got this symmetry, which is almost a complete circle, a
9:52 am
sign of a very healthy storm, starting to flare out the upper level clouds and pushing to the u.s. and british virgin islands. puerto rico about there. watch this pass through. i'm going to take this track on a northern view. and show that you while earl is currently 110 mile-per-hour winds the upper limit of a category 2 storm, it will be category 3, maybe a 4 and then back somewhere on that level but still a major hurricane expected, within a few hundred miles of the coast of the outer banks of north carolina. and further away from bermuda. last storm was the other side of bermuda and caused rip currents up and down the east coast. still one swimmer missing from ocean city saturday night. this is an issue all week long, stirring up the waves especially beyond tuesday night. as we get towards the ends of the week and this passage on friday morning and going in toward labor day weekend it will be a major issue for the rough waves along all the beaches, along the eastern seaboard. latest forecast indicates there may be a little hint that this
9:53 am
thing could be a little farther west. it will interact with a weak cold front passing through the united states but it's going to be a very tough call so this is something, to pay attention to through the entirety of the week. there's no guarantee as to how this is going to break down but eventually curves away from the coastline. could still clip also cape cod on long island so all the way down through the outer banks, we'll be watching this thing this week. there may be nor forecast update -- another forecast update this week. otherwise we have the heat, air quality at code orange and building back to summer levels. 78 at the top of the hour. we'll be in the mid-80s by the 10:00 and 11:00 hour and could be pushing 90 by noon. then into the upper 90s by this afternoon. otherwise not much else going on. all that high pressure, light winds, heat building back in which also helps to feed that system that will be coming at us from the southeast shorelines. we're looking at 96 degrees today. that is our 2-degree guarantee. the record of 101 set back in 1953. we're likely not hitting that but another record we could be
9:54 am
going for. 54 days above 90-degree temperatures set back in the late 1980s. i think we could do that this week. if we go friday above 90 we'll have 55 days this year. >> wow. >> friday is in question because of what happens with hurricane earl. again, watch and tune in back with wyett everhart this evening for more. the biggest names in television were in primetime emmy last night. all eyes on "mad men." you watch it? >> no. >> it's pretty good. >> any family does. >> best drama award. >> they had "glee." "modern family" came out of nowhere though. here we go, george pinocchio on hand when the emmys were handed out. >> the emmy goes to "modern family." >> reporter: it's about an extended and very modern family, won emmy for best comedy series in its first year out. also took home the comedy writing award. "mad men" won its third best
9:55 am
drama series award in a row. the series set in the world of 1960s advertising also earned an emmy for writing. the world war ii mini series "the pacific" won best mini series. tom hanks served as its executive producer. >> we're not engineers. we're artists. we're people that essentially build a campfire, hang around and we can keep you entertained for 10 hours. that's what we do. >> reporter: in the lead acting categories, there's a returning victor. "breaking bad"'s bryan cranston eshedz his third emmy. >> i feel glutton nows, it's more than i can take in. >> reporter: easy falco -- edie falco has won in "the sopranos" before. but she was shocked to win for "nurse jackie." >> i women i was up against, are funny talented comedians. so yes, i'm shocked. i'm not playing coy here or
9:56 am
anything, i am really dumbfounded by the events of the evening. >> reporter: first-time winners included kyra sedgwick for "the closer." she's been nominated five times before. >> you kind of think you have not got a chance of winning after five times but it is always such a gift and surprise to be invited to the party. >> reporter: the big bang theory's jim parsons is also new to the emmy party. >> how will i celebrate? i am the lamest old man tired but i think this gives me enough energy to make it to roughly 10:30 or 11:00 tonight. i could rock out with ice cream or something. >> the emmys are over for another year and the "modern family" wins, giving the show new momentum as it goes into season two next month. in downtown los angeles, abc news. >> let me run down the local winners. buckie guntz who went to friends, won best director of a variety show. he's a legend. his dad is a legend here in tv
9:57 am
history. matthew weiner won as producer of "mad men." barry levinson went to forest park. "you don't know jack" his film won two emmys. >> this happens every year. whether emmys or oscar we always have a little baltimore connection at the very end. >> it's great. >> one more baltimore connection. >> "dancing with the stars." hasselhoff. >> he's from east baltimore. >> we'll cheer him on. the start of a new school year. welcome back. we'll be back tomorrow.
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